lorenzogrv.tech Yet another web made from scratch

Hi world! I'm Lorenzo

This is a plain site I made for a bootcamp time ago.

I'm updating it to be my personal brand web.

It's still a work-in-progress.

About me

I'm from Galicia, Spain.

Since 9 years old, I started programming.

My passions have been always computers and music.

I play drums and electric bass, I'm member of two amateur bands.

I've worked as lighting and sound technician during years. Nowadays I'm full-time on IT, leading a full-stack devops team.

I like to be creative and learn things, being an enthusiast autodidact.



Eventually, I will drop here links to other webs I maintain, like my blog, the dojo, orgasmatron.band, and others.

I would also like to showcase here other projects as a kind of porfolio, to communicate my knowledge and ability.

While that isn't ready, you can visit the previous links.